Back-End Developer

New York - New York

25 May 2024

New York - New York


Full Time


We are looking for a backend developer to join our team.

# About Us:
We’re building a platform that aggregates services from different 3rd party providers (our partners) in a single place. We offer our users an interface to use and configure those services and our system.

# Your role:
You will co-own our backend: code, db, and more.
You will also integrate new 3rd party providers into the system, and adapt the system to support them.

# Main tech stack:
* Code is in python
* asyncio
* Running on Heroku
* Mongo DB
* AWS for files and more
* RESTful APIs (both use and export)

# More skills:
* You can handle working with poorly documented APIs of 3rd parties.
* Strong architecture skills.
* You write tests for your code
* You have some DevOps skills (the second developer is the main DevOps, but we want to have a backup)
* If you have some ReactJS skills - great!

# What are we looking for?
A team member.
* We will start small, but assuming we will enjoy working together, and after you are "onboarded" to the codebase & product - you will have as many tasks as you wish for.
* Once onboarded, you will be able to develop the BE side of features independently when needed, and to brainstorm with the rest of the team about the best solution when needed.
* You will be responsible for your tasks: Test your code, try to solve tasks independently, inform when tasks are taking longer than expected, ask questions when the task is unclear, share your thoughts when you think we are making a mistake, etc.
* In the long run, we are also happy to support the growth and learning of our freelancers. We will be happy to give you tasks in things you want to learn more about.

# Logistics:
* We would love to start in a matter of days, but can wait a bit for the right person.
* We expect to have roughly full time workload. Some weeks, mainly at the beginning, will be around 20 hours, while most weeks will be ~30 hours (and more if you would like that)
* We will need some availability to fix production bugs, during US work hours. We do our best to prevent those bugs or find them during our work hours (we are GMT+2)
* Other than that, work hours are very flexible.

In the first line of your message/reply, please share your favorite animal / color / food, and are you a part of an agency/etc, so I know you read the description ;-)